Odessa News – Children of famous businessmen died in a car accident at Shevchenko Avenue in Odessa


In a fatal accident that happened in the center of Odessa on Sunday night, March 24, Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone died. This 33-year-old Victoria is the daughter of a famous businessman Valery Kravchenko, owner of the clinic for plastic surgery "Doctor Mozart", and earlier – hotel "Mozart", located in the very center of Odessa – opposite the Opera.

In 2003, FACTS published an exclusive interview with Jacqueline Stallone, mother Sylvester, who visited Odessa. Here is a fragment from this publication:

┬╗Valery Kravchenko, the owner of the Mozart Hotel, was the only current American fellow from Odessa.

"I'm the nephew of Jacqueline Stallone with one of the related branches that she could follow." Since we found ourselves, we maintain a relationship. I'm glad she came to visit – said Valeriy Vladimirovich at the time when Madame enjoyed her favorite sandwiches with black caviar at dinner, she washed them with a collection of red wine ".

Victoria Kravchenko died two children.

Victoria Kravchenko

At the BMW X6, the passenger of which was Victoria, was Shamil Hajiyev, 22, the son of Gazanfar Hajiyev, the owner of the Bono Night Club at the Arcadia resort. By the way, his brother Ramil is the world boxing champion.

Shamil Hajiyev

According to the reports of extraordinary events, the tragedy was the result of the race, which Hajiyev arranged with the driver of another "cold" foreign car – Porshe. According to some reports, Porsche was also the son of a famous entrepreneur.

At present, the police find all the circumstances of the accident.

On 8 September 2018, in Odessa, the BMW driver collided with another high-speed passenger car, after which the car flew to a public transport station where people were. Then two died and five were wounded. Later it became known that the perpetrator of the tragedy was constantly involved in illegal automobile races on the streets of Odessa.

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