Wednesday , March 3 2021

Near Odessa at the pedestrian crossing the woman stepped under the wheels of two cars at the same time.

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City residents blocked the path that required the resolution of the lighting issue

On the highway near the village of Hlebodar Odessa, where a police officer was already caught in systematic bribery, it was a terrible accident – in the area of ​​the bus station, Fiat hit a woman who crossed the road at the pedestrian crossing. The woman fell and drives Volvo, writes "Duma".

From the injuries she received, the victim died before the arrival of the rescuer.

According to the eyes of the accident, an accident was caused by an unspoken road.

Due to the incident, local residents block the Mayak highway, which require a solution to the problem of line illumination and the installation of a traffic light. Waiting for the arrival of officials.

As reported in From the Odessa region near the village Pshenichnoe, Saratsky district In a car accident, an alien was killed.

A a fatal accident happened in Kiev on Victory Avenue between Nivka and Svyatoshino, who killed a 28-year-old driver.

This was reported earlier that in general Over the last three years in the disasters have killed more than 15 thousand people. Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman is disastrous and stressed that tragic cases have more often started to appear on recently renovated routes.

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