Wednesday , January 27 2021

Music video alyona alyona dubadav – network reaction, video

On November 27, the premiere of a new video by Ukrainian hip-hop and rap singer Alyona Alyona (real name Alena Savranenko – ed.).

A music video titled “Dubadav” has appeared on the official YouTube channel on YouTube.

Dubadav “is a story about the allegorical transformation of a man into a tree who wants to mix and dance to the fullest. We started writing the song away from home in quarantine, but he helped us finish it. I sincerely wanted to write a funny song that symbolized separation and positivity, carried a good vibe no matter where you are: even if you are not moving in the metropolis – there is always the opportunity to dance among the trees“, – commented alyona alyona.

NK presents a new song – VIBE (video)

The recording was directed by Dmitry Chernyavsky.

The network’s response did not come soon.

Most YouTube users liked the video work for the song, which was unusual for the singer. Some have found that this dance hit continues Alona’s style instead of copying a successful but foreign style.

Earlier, alyona alyona presented a video for the song Dancer, but fans of the performer ambiguously perceived the participation of Russian showman Alexander Gudkov in it.

In addition, Savranenko recently invited fans to perform in her new video – the terms of the competition.

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