MONATIK violated the rules of the project "Voice of Ukraine-9" – Glamor


The star trainer asked the producers to act in their own way.

Today, in the voice of the Land of Ukraine-9, real passions are raging among vocal knockouts.

The first one that came to the live broadcast was Dmitri Monatika. And the last team of Monatics on "knockouts" was Victoria Oleinik. The Star trainer liked so much girl that she simply could not separate from her.

But, according to the rules of the exhibition, if Dmitri planted Victoria at any seat, the participant would sit on the last chair leaving the show. It would be Alina Podludnaya, and the coach did not want to say goodbye.

Therefore, the judge turned to the producers of the Voice of the State and asked them to allow him to change the rules and act in his own way.

During this time, she was the representative of the global "Voice of the State" format in the background of the project, which is shooting at and observing what is happening. He decided.

"Representative of the format" Golos Krainy "Dimi allows to change the rules. Once a whole season," said Ekaterina Osadchaya and Yury Gorbunov, project manager.

Dmitry was allowed to choose between all those who sat on the chairs. Finally, the coach decided that Victoria Oliynyk placed on the third chair, where Anna Volobueva was sitting. She left the project.

Andrei Karpov, Brothers Tarantsov, Viktorija Oleinik and Alina Podluzhna came from the team of Monatike.


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