Media: Early Blockstack investors can increase their investment more than 2000 times


The famous Harvard University became one of the investors of the blockbuster blockbuster in New York, directly investing in the project up to $ 10 million. To this, in particular, drew attention to the CEO of the Digital Asset Management Fund Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pomplano.

According to him, such a step from Harvard's side suggests that one of the leading universities in the world is completely favorable to cryptavalutnye tokens.

The application for holding a tokenseile in accordance with the established "A +" position to the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC (SEC) filed earlier this week. The company plans to mobilize $ 50 million through the sale of 295 million security tokens Blockstack Stack (STX).

Tokens are divided into two baskets: 215 million tokens at a price of $ 0.12 per unit for early voucher holders and 40 million tokens at a price of $ 0.30 per unit for qualified investors. Another 40 million tokens are allocated for non-cash counterpart provisioning within the App Mining program.

As noted by The Block, the company has already sold 323 million tokens to 24 accredited buyers, who were shareholders of Blockstack PBC, for $ 0.00012 per unit. The initial issue of STX tokens was held in November 2017 and, according to the edition, allowed early investors Blockstack to convert its shares.

Accordingly, in theory, these early investors have good chances to substantially increase their investment in the project. If you focus on the indicated token prices, then for a token basket of $ 0.12, the profit can be 1000 times more than the original investment, in the case with a basket of $ 0.30 – more than 2000 times.

Add that information that Harvard University invested in Blockstack is also contained in the application filed with the SEC. According to the document, the organization represented by Harvard Management Company and two other investors, Lux Capital and Foundation Capital, acquired 95,833,333 tokens.

Blockstack was created in 2013 and was originally called Onename. The project, which is also known for its work on decentralized Internet, managed to attract $ 50 million of investments from well-known representatives of the bloc industry and venture companies.

In February of this year Blockstack reported on the ongoing work on a new distributed protocol called Stacks, which uses the hash power of the bitkoin network in combination with the Proof-of-Burn mechanism (PoB burning proof).

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