Luxurious Nastya Kamensky, together with Potaph, attended the prestigious Las Vegas Awards – Glamor


The singer became the first Ukrainian guest at the Grammy Latin Grammy Awards in 2018.

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky, who recently she recognized how she learned Spanish in four months, entered the red carpet of the prestigious musical award.

Yesterday, Las Vegas hosted the 19th annual Latin Grammy Award in 2018, with which the singer attended Potapa.

Kamensky became the first Ukrainian artistic style, which ever participated in the award ceremony of the Latin Grammy.

In one of the photographs published in the singer's microblog, it presents in a beautiful fuxy suit from the Russian brand Kati Silchenko, COAT.

"The 19th annual award of the Latin Grammy Award. It is an honor to be the first artist to represent Ukraine in this exciting event," NK signed a clip.

The potap that accompanied the star also shared a picture of a red carpet.

However, before the Latin grammar, Grammy Nastya Kamensky and Potap appeared at the previous event, which also took place in Las Vegas – the award of the Man of the Year award.

At the ceremony of the Latin Academy for the recording of the personality of the summer, the performer chose a silver dress in the ground, spherical, also from the ANNCHOO brand.

Let's just remember Nastya Kamensky he organized an extensive party at the first solo album No Komments.


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