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LG Display will significantly increase OLED production for large TVs


LG Display was not able to make Samsung's competition for the production of small OLED smartphones, and reduced demand for leading models even threatens to lower revenue to the lowest possible level. But what LG Display is powerful is the production of OLED for large-format televisions. The company decided to focus on the release of large LCD panels to produce OLED for large televisions, thus wiping Samsun's nose and many Chinese.

Dimensions of the glass base of the generation 10G

Dimensions of the glass base of the generation 10G

In order to implement this plan, LG Display changed the purpose of two factories under construction during the construction phase. Instead of producing a large LCD format, as originally planned, the P10 Gen 10.5 power plant in South Korea (substrate size 2940 × 3370 mm) and the 8.5G production plant in Guangzhou (substrate size of 2200 × 2500 mm) will be issued at OLED startup . In addition, it was decided to expand the P10 plant in South Korea before the start.

According to the LG Display website, an additional 3 trillion South Korean wins will be added to P10 (about $ 2.6 billion). Previously, this plant invested 1.84 trillion victories (in 2015) and 2.8 trillion victories (in 2017). The company will begin to produce products in the first half of 2022. The maximum capacity of the plant will be 30,000 substrates per 10.5G per month. In the first half of 2023, the power plant can launch an additional 15,000 substrates per month. The announced new investments are mainly planned for workshops for organizing the processing of additional 15 thousand substrates per month and for vacuum treatment with the disposal of 30 thousand substrates per month.

An experienced LG TV with a minimal OLED display (in reduced state)

Experienced LG TV with folded OLED display (in a collapsed photo)

The 10.5G lining is optimized for cutting to 65, 70 and 75-inch diagonal plates. In the first phase, LG Display intends to introduce 65-inch OLED panels. In addition to classic TVs, they are expected to expand into new directions by issuing wall-mounted OLED-based wallpapers and OLED TVs that crash.

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