Monday , May 17 2021

Kostyshin defended Seleznev to the last ᐉ UA-Football

The director of the football channels 1/2/3 Aleksander Denisov told some details about the conflict between Seleznev, Kostišin and Suša in Kolos:

“Seleznev met Kostyshin, Lissitzky and Susa. The meeting was quite frank. The drought told me that Kostišin was very upset by Seleznev’s words. In fact, Kostyshin defended Seleznev to the last.

Selezny’s father died in December. It was difficult for my wife during this period. Kostyshin asked for a discount on this and insisted that it was not possible to separate from the footballer at that moment. Although in December Drought raised the issue of separation from the footballer. Kostišin insisted that Ženja had a difficult period and allowed him to stay. Seleznev gave Sushi his word that he would deal with everything.

Then what happened happened. Seleznev shows confirmation that everything was fine with him, and Kostyshin and Lissitsky have a completely different version. They say that not everything was fine with Seleznyov in Antalya. If he felt right, then why didn’t he stay but fly off to Ukraine in a hurry?

The meeting ended negatively. Drought believes Seleznyov did not hear him. Seleznyov considers himself innocent and wants to get what he owes.

The drought said that it was not long until Seleznev, as the footballer always demanded his salary in advance, ” Denisov said.

This season, Seleznev has five goals and one assist in 12 games in the UPL and LE. Note that the striker scored all his goals for Kovalive from the penalty spot. Analytical portal Transfermarkt estimates the 35-year-old player at 300 thousand euros.

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