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HB follows the match of the Ukrainian Premier League Shakhtar – Dynamo 14th round and the upcoming events. The fight is taking place today, November 3, 17:00, in Kiev.


miner: Pyatov – Butko, Krivtsov, Rakitsky, Ismail – Stepanenko, Maicon – Dentinho, Alan Patrick, Bolbat – Moraes

Dynamo: Boyko – Kendzer, Burda, Mikolenko, Pivarich – Shepelev, Shaparenko – Sidkley, Buyalsky, Tsygankov – Verbych

The live broadcast of the match, which will be held in Kharkov at Metalist Stadium, will begin on November 3 at 17:00 in Kiev. The live broadcast shows the Football 2 channel.

miner: According to the results of the 13 rounds, the Ukrainian Premier League leads 34 points on the device (5 points from the closest competitor). The team will approach the game with 14 losses in each of the three draws. The team will not count for midfielder Fernando (injury) and striker Kayode Olarenazhevu (exclusion).

dynamo: After 13 rounds in the Ukrainian Premier League, he scored second with 29 points in one device (the leading gap was five points). The team approaches the game with two defeats in five previous rounds, each with three wins. The team will not count on the defender Tamar Kadar (exclusion) and striker Artem Besedin (injury).

statistics: the teams played 86 games between each other. Dynamo won 31st, Miner – 32rd. In a call the opponents played 23 times.

view William Hill: The champion's favorite is the champion, the payout coefficient is 1.70, while Dynamo's victory is estimated at 4.40 and the draw is 3.50.

Text online broadcast HB

90 + 5 minutes. Moraes made an attack on Kovalenko on the penalty line and sent the ball to the final nine with a fine circular stroke.

90 + 4 minutes. Reminder Khatskevich releases Morozyuk instead of Shaparenko.

90 + 2 minutes. Immediately there is a collision after which yellow there is another garmash.

90 + 2 minutes. The second yellow and red Kendzer for handshake!

They gave three minutes for the main game time.

88 minutes Sidkley hit Butko and kicked Shaparenk but Stepanenko pulled the ball off the corner.

87 minutes Shaparenko took the ball to another half, but did not find the opportunity to strike forward. The attack on the wing did not produce any results – Pyatov calmly cope with the Kenzers canopy.

84 minutes Garmash instead of Buyalsky published by Khatskevich.

83 minutes Burda chose a long-term strike, but it was very inaccurate.

81 minutes Kovalenko brought the flag out of the corner – Burda knocked the ball out of the door. When the first Tyson was chosen, the strike went far beyond the gate.

78 minutes Substitutions for both teams: Shakhtar Kovalenko Came out Patrickby Dynamo What that changed Shepeleva.

78 minutes Kendzer broke the counterattack with which Tyson broke – yellow.

77 minutes Khatskevich gives instructions to Sidklei and Che Che is ready to enter the box.

75 minutes Shepelev is in the middle of the field, he can not get up from the lawn midfielder Dynamo.

74 minutes From the depths of Paz Mikolenko to Sidkley – Matvienko first on the ball.

70 minutes Butko shot the hex and fired at the corner. The ball was cut off from his leg and ran through the gate.

69 minutes Shaparenko got the ball on the penalty line, deserved his right foot and shot to the goal – Pyatov stopped the shot in the fall.

66 minutes. After Maicon's fierce transfer from Bolbol – Boyko did not dare fix the ball and knocked it with both hands.

64 minutes Mikolenko jumped back to Moraes for having received it yellow card.

63 minutes. The second is Dynamo but the goal does not score! Tsygankov was out of control after he had put down the battle.

60 minutes Yellow card Moraes has a bit of a collision with Burda.

60 minutes The second substitute in Shakhtar: Matvienko Came out Rakytskyy.

59 minutes The long-term strike from Kendzer is very inaccurate.

58 minutes. The miner played in the corner, Krivtsov collapsed on the lawn in the fight against defending, but Romanov pointed to another corner.

56 minutes In return, Verbich again forgave Shakhtar.

55 minutes After retiring from Moraes, Tyson Boyko continued the match, beat the goalkeeper and gave the Brazilian a player who rushed into the air, who threw the ball into the net empty by two meters.

54 minutes Shaparenko moved to the center and fired the target – Pyatov on the spot.

52 minutes Bolbat violated the rules against Buyalsky, but immediately apologized.

49 minutes After Ismaili Rakitsky's lead, the ball went just a little closer to the left, but the ball went wide.

48 minutes Mikolenko played a rough subcategory of Moraes, but Romanov is not in love with yellow.

48 minutes In response, Verbich did not use one exit point with Pyatov and let the ball far away.

47 minutes One of the first steps Tyson started in Patrick's breakthrough, but he did not have enough starting speed.

46 minutes Tyson Came out dentin during the break.

45 + 1 minute. Tsygankov hit the penalty spot very hard, the ball fired from the lawn before Pyatov, but the miner's goalkeeper wanted to correct it.

45 minutes Rakitsky was about to fly to the back of Verbichu – yellow from Romanov.

44 minutes Pivarich set the penalty area to Sidkley, head to center, where Tsygankov fought for defenders, and the ball jumped to Shaparenko, sparking a powerful blow to Pyatov's goal.

41 minutes Maicon tried to penetrate the breakthrough on Ismaili's side but was too strong.

40 minutes Patrick Mikolenko came but did not make the mistake on the card.

39 minutes Sidkley did not dare to beat Verbich's goal to the left, but deeper into the impending Shaparenko, but advanced to the opponent and knocking the ball.

38 minutes In the last few minutes, Dynamo controls the ball more, but all in the middle of the field.

35 minutes. Dentinho let Bolbat down the penalty but tried to send the ball to the far corner but shot was higher.

33 minutes In the next attack, Verbich himself distinguished himself, but did not reach the Pyatov goal.

32 minutes Buyalsky hit the gate over Verbić's transfer.

31 minutes Bolbat came to a foreign penalty and managed to shoot from the first line to the goalkeeper Boyko was holding the ball in his hand.

28 minutes Stepanenko demolished Shaparenk at someone else's penalty and did not allow Dynamo to counter-attack. first yellow card in the match.

25 minutes Ismaili met with Tsygankov violently, but within the rules. The Dynamo doctors help the midfielder.

23 minutes Miner's most dangerous counterattack that Patrick had in the final corner but did not have enough accuracy!

22 minutes Goes to Dynamo! Sidkley broke the left side again and fired Verbic on the empty net, but it was not enough to move the ball into the net.

21 minutes Maicon found a moment for a long-range strike, but landed in the opponent and the ball came quietly into Boyko's hand.

19 minutes The Gypsies ran fast to the target after the mineral cutter was cut in the middle of the field, but Romanov was hanging from the violations of Stepanenko's blocking Verbich at the edge of the game.

17 minutes Krivtsov rescinded the situation in the criminal court after Kenzher moved to the right.

15 minutes Moraes was in another penalty area and Ismaili's shot was under attack but the ball was pulled out of the ball. The first really dangerous moment in the match!

14 minutes. Stepanenko was hanging in the penalty area and there Moraes defeated defenders. I did not see any violations.

13 minutes. Again, Dynamo returned and started defending.

11 minutes. Immediately Pyatov dealt with Verbich's strike after a corner.

for 10 minutes. The first dangerous attack is Dynamo. Sidkley shot from the right to the penalty area from the left – Kryvtsov could not see Pyatov behind him and pushed the ball into the corner.

9 minutes Shepelev on the lawn, but with the help of doctors.

8 minutes Dinamo passes a pass, again Tsygankov assists the defenders to take the ball out of their possession.

8 minutes Sidkley misses off, Rakitsky is preparing to pass the penalty area.

6 minutes. Paz from the Moraes from the bottom – Boyko far from the gate and took the ball.

5 minutes The minist immediately took the ball, indicating that he wanted to play the first number.

3 minutes Kendzer, then Tsygankov knocks the ball from the Dynamo penalty area after a sidewall jumping out of the Pitmen from the left.

1 minute Immediately a rough mistake against Moraes from the Kenzers side, the Brazilian could not get up from the lawn for a long time.

The Referee – Vitaly Romanov the Dnieper.

It is worth noting that with the exception of Denis Boyko, the Dinamo players handed their former Junior Moraes partner a hand against the previous Shakhtar.

Traditionally, the Ukrainian national anthem.

The troops enter the box through the corridor of the fire.

Metalist Arena will not have a full house today – about 20,000 tickets have been sold, with 40,000 stadium capacity.

Known beginners have become known:

miner: Pyatov – Butko, Krivtsov, Rakitsky, Ismaili – Stepanenko, Maicon – Dentinho, Alan Patrick, Bolbat – Moraes

Dynamo: Boyko – Kendzer, Burda, Mikolenko, Pivarich – Shepelev, Shaparenko – Sidkley, Buyalsky, Tsygankov – Verbych

On the eve of Dynamo, Shakhtar crushed 3-0 at the Ukrainian Youth League match:

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