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UA-Football has collected the most important and interesting news for you on Saturday, March 23rd

In the first round after the break, football enthusiasts in the league saw a duel of leaders – Metalist 1925 hosted Dnipro-1. The hosts opened the scoring in 10th minute – Ĺ˝danov scored a goal, and the 28th penalty from the penalty spot brought by the goalkeeper Kanevtsev immediately left the minority after he removed Grankin, while in 49th place Orest Kuzyk achieved a winning goal. Thus, the difference "Dnipro-1" from the second place increased to eight points.

Kharkov was in front of "Kolos" with three points, the team from Kovalivka won "Prykarpattya" 3: 1, players Ivano-Frankovsk played in the first half. "Volyn" lost his "Avangard" in his area 0: 1, "Ruh" in the first match under the leadership of Leonid Kuchuk minimally beat "Balkan".

Ukrainian midfielder left the team's location and drove home because of a recurrence of injury that caused the hip muscles. Blue and yellow, we recall, will play with Luxembourg on Monday. Viktor Tsygankov can become an alternative to a naturalized Brazilian, or Andrei Shevchenko will move Alexander Karavayev higher on the side, trust in the defense of Bogdan Butko.

Divorce Dnepr-1, Marlos injury, defeat U-19 team. Main News March 23 - Picture 1

The winners of the Euro Group F team began to qualify for the wins. Spaniards in the face of the Norwegians opened the scoring (Rodrigo) in the 16th minute, and in the middle of the second half they dropped out of the penalty kick of Joshua King, and Sergio Ramos also eliminated the advantage of the mark Furya Roch. Sweden, on the other hand, won 2-0, after reaching the goals of Quayson and Claesson, but in the second half Keser filled the gap, but nothing more. In the second match of the group, Malta won Faroe 2: 1.

Without surprises, matches were played in Group J. The 22-year-old Nicolas Bareli scored in the group, while 19-year-old Moise China beat Finland 2: 0. Greece in the match with Liechtenstein (Fortounis and Donis) narrowed two goals . Overall, Bosnia confidently defeated Armenia, in each half scored a goal (Krunich and Milosevic), and penalty 90 + 3 at the end of Mkhitaryan – 2: 1.

In Group B, Switzerland beat Georgia 2-0 (Zuber, Zakaria), while Ireland narrowly beat Gibraltar thanks to Henrik's goal.

In the second round of the elite round of selection for Euro 2019, the Ukrainian U-19 team met with Italian peers. As in the previous match against Serbia, George Tsitaishvili was the first to reach the blue and yellow. But in response, Nagornyak's departments missed three times. In order to be able to travel, Ukraine must break Belgium in the next round and rely on Serbia to defeat Italy.


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