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Cycling Scandal: Bashen's Conflict and Clown (07.23.19: 22:09) »Sports


According to Tsenzor.NET, it writes about this edition

After the conflict, the sportsman and Bashenko Solovey demanded the resignation of the President of the FSU, while the Minister of Youth and Sport of Ukraine, Igor Zhdanov, supported this initiative, but the decision was not taken.

As a result, on the official site of FVSU Facebook Bashenko appealed to members of the federation with a proposal to dismiss First Vice President Andriy Grivko and demand that Anna Solovey be excluded from the national team.

Dear members of the federation! Let me introduce you to the global practice of training athletes who are indifferent to the interests of their country and are interested only in their wallet.

I propose to decide on the issue of the dismissal of the first vice-chairwoman, Fraction A., from a post where he was not even at a special conference of the FSC, which will take place on dates determined by the President of the FSFSU.

But we still need to support the initiative of the Grivko to go to the triathlon. No one was waiting for him, especially because of the scandalous nature he was released from the Astana club, but we are sure that Andrej will be in the first place in the triathlon this year.

Well, at least he's fifth, but who will forgive. I insist on the decision taken by the FSSU Directorate to exclude the Nightingale A. athletes from the national teams of Ukraine, in view of the unsportsmanlike behavior and defamation of the interests of the state and cycling.

Sincerely, the President. "

As an example, Bashenko cited the exclusion of the Russian national team of Aleksandar Mostova during Euro 2004, when the player criticized the coaching staff after losing in Spain. Consequently, the Russians took the last place in the European Championship.

Let's remind ourselves, the Bikers' Association of Ukraine expressed distrust of the scandalous president.


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