Thursday , September 19 2019
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CEC first showed Darth Vader's true face


Now everyone has seen how the candidate actually looked, who hid his face under the mask.

Central Election Commission of Ukraine published photos of all major people. Photos were published at the request of the "Fair" movement. Among these candidates was Darth Vader, who was elected to parliament in constituency no. 135.

– The publication of CEC's larger photo candidates is a real revolution. Firstly, the voter can see who is fighting for his vote, not at the polls on election day, but on the computer or smartphone screen. The most important thing is that we can now identify many technical candidates and "clones" of famous candidates, "said coordinator Vita Dumanskaya.

She also pointed out that in recent years, cloning technology has developed dramatically. There are cases where they are cloned against some known candidates in one district.

"At the same time, the media and voters may consider candidates to try to find clones for each other," added Dumanskaya.


Ballot papers with the height of Kilimanjaro will be printed at the election

For parliamentary elections in 2019, 53.5 million ballot papers were printed. That is 84% ​​of the total, the entire package is to be printed by 15 July.

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