Binance changed the shape of the token of the Launchpad platform


Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange announced the change of the format of the next token on the Launchpad on the lottery. At the same time, the number of lottery tickets per account will depend on the size of the BNB steak 20 days before the IEO.

Please note that you can get up to 5 tickets in one account. The winners will be selected by random selection.

The ratio between deposits of the BNB and the number of lottery tickets

It should be noted that within 20 days before the lottery, a BNB-snapshot of the BNB-deposit will be monitored daily at 0:00 UTC to monitor compliance.

Each winning ticket will grant the right to buy chips for a certain amount in the equivalent of the BNB. As soon as the user informs the stock exchange that he is ready to use a certain number of tickets in the event of their winnings, this obliges him to buy chips and the money will automatically be charged.

Binance acknowledged that the price of BNB may fluctuate due to daily shots, and its potential decline may not compensate for the benefit of chip movement and prompt users to make informed choices.

In addition, Changpeng Zhao invited the community to comment on the new format in a separate thread on Twitter in order to make the necessary changes, based on feedback, if needed.

Let's remember that in the Celer Network on the Launchpad, problems with bandwidth again occurred; many people who did not manage to buy chips.

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