Saturday , July 24 2021

Bavaria defeated Schalke, Linnet – one of the best in his team

Eugene Konoplyanka could not help Schalke to avoid defeat with Bavaria / Twitter

As part of the 21st round of the German Football Championship, Bayern Munich defeated Gelsenkirchen Schalke 3-1 at Allianz Arena.

The first goal was scored by midfielder Geoffrey Broome, but the Dutch confused the goal and scored 11 minutes into the match. Then in 25 minutes Ahmed Kutuji sent the ball into the home goal after the transfer of Makenni – 1: 1. But less than two minutes when München reveled: Lewandowski of Hamesa took the ball and hit the goalkeeper "cobalt" – 2-1.

In the second half, the hosts scored another goal in 57 minutes: Lewandowski struck with scissors and Gnabry slightly corrected the ball – 3: 1.

The match was played by Eugene Konoplyanka, who scored two goals in a goal, passed 12 times out of 12 (83%), successfully trimmed his opponent three times, won 1 horse ball, and made two offenses and one selection. The Ukrainian football player who played the entire match received 6.9 from WhoScored, which is the third result in his team following the transfer of goal from Weston McKenna (7.2) and Ahmed Kutujoy (7.1).

Bavaria – Schalke 3: 1

Goals: Bruma, 12 (to own door), Lewandowski, 27, Gnabri, 57 – Kutuju, 25.

Bavaria: Ulrayh – Alaba, Hummels, Boateng, Kimmich – Alcantara, Goretsk – Gnabri (Davis, 89), Kamez (Martinez, 78), Coman (Ribery, 68) – Lewandowski.

Schalke: Fermann – Kalijuri, Sanae, Broome, Oshchipka – Rudi (Mascarell, 33), Serdar (Arit, 54) – Bentaleb, McKenny, Linnet – Kutuju (Ut, 73).

Warnings: Lewandowski – Kalyuri, Broome.

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