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Asmus appeared in the photo in a silk dress with an open back

After divorcing Garik Kharlamov, the actress made it known for the first time that there is a man in her life.

Kristina Asmus. Photo:

Christina Asmus became famous when she played in Interns. The girl married Garik Kharlamov and gave him a daughter Anastasia. By 2020, fans did not suspect that there were problems in their family. Suddenly, the couple filed for divorce. Enemies blamed the actress for the incident, who began appearing in explicit bed scenes. But the movie star herself explained that she wanted to divorce two years ago.

In recent months, Asmus has managed to test itself in various projects and change its image several times. Fans noticed that the girl began to undress more often behind the camera and wear feminine but provocative images. On April 5, the actress decided to chat with fans. She said her height is 164 centimeters and she weighs 45 kilograms. At the same time, her leg is 36. One of the subscribers succinctly wrote, “Sex.”

Christina decided to use this word to compose a whole sentence and reveal the details of her personal life. She made it clear that there was a man in her life. In the photo, she posed in a black evening dress with an open back.

“Sex is present in my life,” the artist said.

At this, Christina decided to limit herself. But now fans are wondering who the girl is dating. They didn’t rule out that she might have a fleeting relationship.

Christina Asmus answered questions from fans. Photo:

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