Anna Sedokova hit a very deep neck


Anna Sedokova hit a very deep neckEx- "VIA Gra" shared a spectacular image, surprised by the fans

The soloist of the "gold" group "VIA Gra", the famous Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova, often excites her fans with news of her life on Instagram. The singer does not miss the opportunity to boast in his own juicy form, and every time he publishes the images he presents to reveal his clothes, writes with reference to Telegraph.

So, Sedok has not changed his principles this time and has reloaded the photo into a net in which he presents himself in a spicy red dress with a very deep split. Moreover, the dress does not reveal just busty art, but also lean legs. In the picture, Anna sits at a buffet table and photographs herself in the mirror.

The singer made a double clip – with a mirror image. In the frame, he puts long legs that can be seen on black shillots. Her face has a bright makeup and her hair is loose and stacked on one shoulder. Sedokov has not left geolocation, so fans do not understand where this selfy was.

The artist signed her photograph with the philosophical quote Remarque: "Your man is not the one who is" good with you " – there could be a hundred people with you. For yours – "It's not good for you." Remarque. "The fans did not wait and started to actively discuss the new edition of the star. I must say that this is not like everyone, but those who left Anni felt.

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"A photograph in the style of 16-year-old students", "A picture of how Anna is more beautiful – to the left or to the right?", "What a wonderful dress. You're just the goddess in it, the dress, the sandals, the figure. ! "," Well, it's not so beautiful in life. Photoshop, probably, "Oh, these remarks," "You are divine! What are you cute and amazing woman, "" Why are two? Are you a breed? "," Better than one Anna Sedokova, maybe only two Anna Sedokova ", followed by followers in remarks.

Anna Sedokova hit a very deep neck

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