Monday , January 18 2021

“And I couldn’t imagine that …”

Reserve vocalist Oleg Vinnik Tayune, dubbed his “secret” wife, is discouraged by the sudden revelation

According to, the artist posted fresh photos on her microblog on Instagram, where she posed near the Christmas tree.

So, Tayune (real name Taisiya Everyone), who recently celebrated her birthday when she received a lot of congratulations from the fans, decided to thank the audience. The singer surprised with warm words when she talked about love.

“How many beautiful, warm, sincere words, wishes, gifts I received from you on my birthday and I still receive them! I thank each and every one of you for not going past my humble vacation! I could not have imagined that the time would come, when I can’t personally thank everyone for the warm congratulations, for the precious attention to me … I felt such love and respect !!! Merry Christmas, beloved !!! God bless every soul! Love, joy, goodness! “, – Tayune couldn’t contain her emotions.

In the frames, the singer appeared in a silver jumpsuit and a white knitted hat. The star straightened her white curls and sat down under the tree in Turkish.

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One of the first posts of beauty was liked by her husband Oleg Vinnik, who obviously couldn’t get past the juicy shots and such a sincere confession.

Other users were not left out either:

“I’m hiding, remember you’re the best ❤️”

“The most beautiful Merry Christmas”

“The best and incomparable flower”

“Tayune, post more and more photos, these are fine,”

“Taichka, in these photos you are so gentle and beautiful!”

Recall that Tayune came out of her husband’s shadow and lit up on stage: “Goldfish …”.

Politeka also wrote that the muscular Vinnik is photographed in his soul in all its glory, the “wolves” have a holiday: “Oh, Lord! Oleg Anatolyevich!”

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