About 15 people were forgiven: police said details about a bloody incident at Lutsk car wash – Ukraine


Millions do not exclude the version to reveal the criminal authorities.

Security officials reported details of the shooting in Lutsk, which broke out between two groups of men in a car wash.

It writes to a competitor.

According to police, 7-8 people from each side participated in the conflict.

"The version that is the abolition of the criminal authority is not denied. However, the investigation will show and then we will be more precise about what this disaster is, "said the head of NP NP in the Volyn region, Peter Shpiga.

Police are asking for assistance in determining the place of residence, movement and stopping of vehicles, which are likely to move persons involved in shooting on the street Nabereznaya in Lutsk.

Photographs of preferred cars were published on the website of the Volyn police. These are Volkswagen Toureg, Skoda and Audi.

We recall today at about 2:30 pm by car wash in Lutsk, which was carried out with shooting. One person died, two injured hospitalized ambulance.

The assailants escaped. In the city and the region, he announced a "capture" plan.

It also became known that the victim was born during the shooting at the Lutsk car wash in Lyubomlsky district in Volyn.

VideoShooting in Lutsk: the police have named the basic version

Shooting in Lutsk: one dead and at least three wounded. According to the police, the gangster groups were in conflict. In the afternoon, about twenty-two people found a roadside road near the city center.

Shooting in Lutsk: the police have named the basic version


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