Saturday , March 6 2021

Your diet is not as "safe" as you think

Warning to vegetarians: Your diet is not as "safe" as you think

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People who follow a vegetarian diet are less likely to suffer from food problems because they do not enjoy meat and animal products saturated with fat, but this impression is often inaccurate.
Food problems
"A person is not enough to trace the plant system in order to avoid incompatible food problems, as some vegetarians cut off red and white meat, but consume large amounts of sweet and savory foods," said researcher Frederick Saldman, a French RTL doctor.
Pregnant women
In addition, vegetarians must carefully monitor their diet in order to replace the proteins that are usually obtained from meat products, cheese, milk and eggs.
Vegetarians are often calcium peptides, vitamin D, and "B12", and pregnant women give the fetus a high risk when they follow the diet.

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