Thursday , June 24 2021

The outbreak of infections threatens Indonesia due to the "ban" of the vaccine!

Network Press Agency

It is anticipated that the stairs for measles in Indonesia will increase after the priests report that the measles vaccine contains gelatine derived from pigs, which makes it "sin".

The forecast reduced the rate of measles vaccination in the countries of Southeast Asia at the recommended rate from 95% to less than 8%.

Health experts are worried that Indonesia will suffer from a measles epidemic and that measles can lead to birth defects if pregnant women are infected with the virus.

Gelatine is added as a stabilizer to many vaccines and medicines to prevent damage during transport. Until recently, Indonesia was one of the most registered countries in the world of measles, according to the World Health Organization, and although the vaccine produced its own vaccine against infections as part of the vaccination schedule for children, the vaccine was incomplete.

In 2006, the country in South East Asia followed the WHO plan to fight measles and rubella by 2020.

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