The legendary effort from Mbabi, which Bernat shifted to goal in the net in Naples


Paris Saint-Germain showed up in Napoli on Tuesday at the San Paolo Stadium for the fourth round of Group C in the group stage of the Champions League in the first half of their competition.

French capital Paris managed to get from the first half with a 1-0 lead from the left goalkeeper Juan Bernata during a break in order to show Thomas Thomas Tuckel.

While Saint-Germain's Céléan Mébéy-Loutin flipped the ball past the left touchline and dribbled the ball well to give him the offense and he could have easily won the ball off the left after a counterattack left the Spanish counterattack, which calmly took the ball 45 minutes into the match.

Here's the goal …

The result would be Paris Saint-Germain topping 7 points, one point for Liverpool, who lost 4-0 to Red Star and Napoli with a third with 5 points. .

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