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The Arab star died before she watched her last movie .. Who is she? Photographs


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Egyptian artist Fardous Mohamed took his first role as a mother in a film career through director Mohamed Kareem, who was assigned to this role in the film "The Forbidden Love" in 1935. "According to this film, the role of the mother was played by an artist who, when she saw her at the cinema, felt like your mother. The last of her films in which she played the role of the mother was" Antara Ben Shaddad ".

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Artist Fardous Mohammed has created 129 films that embody the character of her mother in more than 100 films for most movie stars, mother Abdul Halim Hafez, mother Faten Hamam, mother Farid Shawqi, mother Omar Sharif and many other stars. , Fight in the port, we are pupils, a love story, a blind street, a lady of the palace, my heart where my mother, young woman, son Nila, Abu Helmous, Salama in good, poet Ismail Yassin and spinning girls).

Despite the presentation of the role of the mother in the cinema, she has a strange story in her motherhood, which was not lucky to have children, even though she was the best known mother in the cinema, her three children died after birth until one of her friends told her, that he has one more child, the birth of a child to prevent envy, and says that the child died as usual and has already passed the paradise of Mohammed and the command, and then announced the adoption by the child the technical center fully knows that she is not her daughter and when the daughter of the wedding director of cinema, "Mohsen Nasr" tears dropped, and admitted the fact of her daughter, declared that daughter was the bride's daughter, declared that the daughter of the bride, which audience did not believe at the time, since the best of Him was to raise her daughter Samir , but it was a fact that he hid for 17 years.

Many also do not know that she was a friend of Mrs Umm Kulthum and a half-day interview for the singer, Najib Al-Rihani was so optimistic that he had to be present in his films and in his film "Ghazal Al-Banat" his last film was not had appropriate roles. But Rihani persisted and forced the author and director to work to find a role as a teacher, "Laile Murad" in the film.

The life of artist Ferdos Mohamed is a drama from birth to death and the story of her second marriage is a very funny story and one of the strangest stories that has been reported with the manologist Muhammad Idris, a visual wedding that received an invitation to appear in Palestine, but laws in Egypt they did not allow traveling. The band was in trouble because "Ferdos Mohammed" played an important role in the show, and could not be confused with another married one. Fawzi Munib, the owner of the group, suggested that Ferdos Mohammed be married to one of the group members and agrees with the proposal. "Mohamed Idris" For This After the show, Mohammed Idris surprised Ferdosh Mohamed by saying that he loved her and asked her to marry her. Fifteen years ended with the death of "Mohamed Idris".

She died on September 22, 1961, at the age of 55, after suffering from cancer when she completed the film "Antara Ben Shaddad" with Farid Shawqi, which was shown on December 4, 1961, and therefore did not watch the film, Colorful in Film Career.

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