The Abu Dhabi Securities Market emphasizes the importance of appointing investors to investor relations


Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) organized a workshop for listed companies on strengthening business-investor relations, the role of the investor relations manager in this regard, and how to develop this role in accordance with the best international practices.

"This seminar, in the context of market efforts to increase the role of investor relations in listed companies, and market-business cooperation in adopting best practices in this regard,

At the beginning of the workshop, it was explained to the audience that investors in companies were the basis for the composition of these companies to invest their money and savings in order to contribute to the development of the economy and to get a return on this investment.

Investments in securities on the securities markets give the investor a number of rights specified in the legislation regulating capital markets, and the market is constantly prepared to educate the investor about these rights and fully know them.

The workshop explained that its goals will be achieved, using the best means of communication and presentation on the company's website.

The workshop discussed with the companies the need to create a special site for investor relations on the company's website to keep it updated and maintained on a permanent basis.


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