Technical specifications of the Galaxy A30 with its features and price


The Galaxy A30 is Samsung's response to the superiority of Shawomi and Chinese companies in the market of medium-sized mobile phones, this is the small-sized start-up earphone Samsung looks at and now it's time to step in and prove it to everyone who is the queen of real Android phones.

The company announced two phones together, the Galaxy A30 and A50, and we will start our article in this article with the A30 before moving to A50 in another article. This week.

This is the first truly leading Samsung mobile phone, which dominates the mid-range arena with leading features, leading design and the best mid-class display.

Technical Specifications Galaxy A30:

  • Phone Weight: 165g
  • Plastic case and glass front panel
  • Super AMOLED display
  • 6.4 "screen
  • Protect the gorilla glass 3
  • Android 9.0 Pie with an ONE UI interface
  • Processor Exynos 7904
  • Copy the memory to 64 GB or 4 GB or 3 GB
  • Dual rear camera with 16MP and 5MP sensors
  • 16MP front camera
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Battery 4000 mA
  • Fast charging with 15W precision

As you can see, the phone offers a number of leading features that we see in this much higher price range, but now we are talking about some key points in the phone.

Display and design

We can easily say that the screen of the device is the central point of the screen, the screen offers a unique experience in this price category; the screen comes from the size of the Super AMOLED FHD + + 6.4 with very distinctive and unique colors, the colors are clear and the screen is as clear as possible a notch or a small hole on the top of the phone is barely seen or not even mentioned.

We can simply say that the Galaxy A30 is the best screen in the middle market and the best screen of this price at all, and the design helps to provide an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, the use of plastic in the design of the body of the phone gave the view and touched it as a cheap phone, come with a wonderful design and you will not feel bored with him.



I know that there are many here to talk about the camera separately, and the camera returns here when we talk about the specifications of the technical device, and the second lens on the back of the phone has a little wide lens that gives you a sense of space in places where it does not you can take a far corner.

The quality of the images was very good and acceptable for excellent daylight and good lighting, and there are many different details in the pictures, which are in a dynamic range and vary in color levels. Also, the performance of the last camera in night lighting was very good and sudden. No problem or even congestion.

The front camera is not the best in this field, but it has been able to deliver good results and is very acceptable in various situations and has gained a good amount of clear details.


A 4000mA battery is available in size compared to many mid-range phones and delivers one-day performance that is consistent and stable without compromising performance and allowing the phone 17.5 hours of uninterrupted video without interruption, of course the phone supports fast charging, In order to facilitate battery performance and improve performance.


  • The screen is special and more than excellent
  • The interface of the UI UI is very good
  • Adding a wide-angle lens was a very good thing
  • The battery life is very suitable for the price of the phone.

Phone price

The phone is priced at LE 3850 on the Egyptian market and can be ordered here.


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