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Samsung encounters a foldable phone


Source: Dubai – Arab News on Technology

This week, Samsung denied rumors of the launch of the first global Galaxy Fold smartphone in July, which appears to have made little progress in the South Korean giant.

It is rumored that the company will present a collapsible device for the South Korean media in July, which will be on the market in July, but was denied by Samsunga when speaking to Korea Herald.

"The phone will arrive before July," said DJ Koh, president and chief executive officer of Samsun's Information and Communication Technology Division, who told the South Korean media last week.

However, according to Samsung, the schedule for the South Korean Folding Phone Detection Event has not yet been officially determined and released in the country so far.

"If we want to organize such a media event this month, we have to do something now and there has been no progress since April," Samsunga said.

Samsung may have nothing new to determine the start date, or it has not made any progress in defining Galaxy deficiencies.

More than a month and a half has passed since Samsung postponed the introduction of the United States' Galaxy Flood for an indefinite period that was set for April 26 due to errors on the foldback screen discovered by reviewers in the United States.

The company regularly announced that the publication date will be published in the coming weeks. According to reports, Samsung intends to provide Galaxy Fuld internally after determining the defect failure at the latest in June.

In early May, secret meetings in the smartphone sector of the South Korean technology giant confirmed a new timetable for the introduction of a foldable model.

Samsung then announced to Korea Herald that it had completed an internal investigation of defective samples and added that it was in the process of developing measures to solve the problem, including strengthening the hardness of the exposed areas in the wrist and reducing the gap between the protective layer and the frame of the screen; the external materials to the device are prevented.

The company gave some of its officials and engineers specific user versions of the phone, it appeared with a fold-away device in public places and sent advice that the device is still being tested.

US customers canceled pre-orders for Galaxy Fold, with Best Buy, the country's largest electronics vendor, completely canceled pre-orders last month.

AT & T, the nation's largest mobile operator, also told customers that pre-orders from Galaxy had been canceled because Samsung delayed the launch of the phone.

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