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Pluto today is facing the Earth and the sun. This is the date of his vision in the sky in Cairo


Astronomers in Egypt and the world are supposed to observe the appearance of Pluto on Sunday with the Earth and the Sun, where the Sun and Pluto will be at one level a line in the middle of the planet, which will help to clearly see the Earth's population.

Astronomers are expected to observe a wide spectrum of astronomical observatories around the globe to see the level of Pluto's light, as well as learn more about its magnificent surfaces and the largest moon, Charon.

A pluton meeting with Earth and the Sun will also open up space to learn more about the planet and the source of the solar system, because it is an ancient body and is the example of many other planets that circulate around the Sun in the solar system that hosts the planet.

Chairman of the National Center for Astronomical and Geophysical Research dr. Mohammad Al-Qadi said that Pluto with the Earth and the Sun is able to accurately measure the change in the light reflection at a phase angle. That a quantitative analysis of how light diffuses from the surface of the particles requires taking all the angles into consideration, and not just the time appropriate.

He added that astronomical calculations by his scientists revealed that the planet Pluto first met with the sun and coincided with the presence of Pluto in a situation when it encounters a sun that crosses the nearest distance from Earth to become three bodies in one straight line at the middle of the earth.

The calculations also showed that the best time to see the planet in the sky in Cairo in this case will be between 8:58 and Sunday to the early morning hours, up to 3:05 pm, and at 11:59 pm, will come to the planet. Pluto is the smallest of the solar system's planets and far from its highest altitude in the sky, where it will be 37 degrees high in the south-eastern horizon.

Pluto is a very small and very distant planet whose size is less than seven moons in the solar system, as many astronomers do not count as one of the planets. Every spacecraft so far.

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