Mickey Mouse celebrates his 90th birthday


Mickey Mouse, an icon of the Disney World and the world's best known cartoonist, appeared on the big screen in Steamboat Willie in 1928 on Sunday after the 90th anniversary.

The eight-minute white and black Mickey Mouse film, presented to the world, was first screened at the New York Theater Theater on November 18 of the same year.

According to the IMDB website, Mickey Mouse appears in a movie that runs a steam boat and rotates animals on board in musical instruments to listen to the Arab web site.

Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney describes Mickey Mouse as his global ambassador.

The icon of a well-known mouse was later shown in Disney's Fantasia cartoon in 1942, and then Disney in The Mickey Mouse Club, a television series that won the admiration of young people in the 1950s.

Mickey Mouse's photos were on t-shirts, cans and watches all over the world, and children who still visited Disney parks are gripped with black ears.

Mickey Mouse Birthday

To celebrate Mickey Mouse's birthday, Disney opened an art exhibition in Manhattan with 16,000 square meters to present original artwork, photo-ops and souvenirs, and the exhibition will last until February 10th.

If the age of 90 is a landmark, this certainly means Mickey Mouse. Pest control companies say that the life of the mouse is only three years old.

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