Monday , January 18 2021

Meteorology: The lowest recorded temperature is (2-) in the region of Rukna – Emirates – news and reports

The National Meteorological Center called for the importance of obtaining weather and climate information and news from official sources, stressing that the National Meteorological Center has sole responsibility for publishing all meteorological, seismic engineering and liaison services in accordance with the Federal Establishment Act. center no. (6) of 2007. Issued by His Majesty Sheikh Caliph bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him.

The center confirmed that the lowest temperature recorded in the country yesterday at 5.15 am was 2- in the Rukna area north of Al-Ain, and according to climate statistics, the lowest temperature recorded in the country was in the winter for the period 2003-2019. , -5.7 degrees Celsius (below zero)), February 2017 in Jebel Jais.

The Center emphasized that the meteorological monitoring process is one of the most complex operations carried out according to precise and codified systems, and that the conditions for measuring air are set by the World Meteorological Organization, including that relating to the height of the measuring device. land area between 1.75 meters and 2.25. The difference in the measured temperature when the height of the measuring device changes, especially on clear nights with a lull in surface winds, because the earth loses heat quickly in these weather conditions and the temperature is as cold as possible near the surface, so temperature measurement is a measure of air mass temperature and not Soil temperatures, which vary according to various physical factors.

The center reported that some rely on measuring the temperature using a “sensor” in the car, which often gives a different temperature than the one recorded by the center.

He explained that the National Center has the largest meteorological network in the region and in the world compared to the area of ​​the country. The center has about 98 earth stations scattered across all regions of the country, and the main center provides regular direct electronic readings every 15 minutes, in addition to 7 other stations at the country’s airports and 18 stations to measure rainfall rates across the country.

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