"Lego re-memories" embodies the tragedy of the missing Mexican students


Sharjah 24 / AFP:

Chinese artist AY Yee has uncovered a number of portraits that he made with about a million pieces of "lego" drawings showing 43 students who were kidnapped and probably killed in Mexico in 2014.

The work is called "Reverting Memories" and is part of his exhibition at the University Museum of Contemporary Art. Art Pop-art with portraits with a chronology of events monitors the tragedy of losing those students at the College of Eucinaba in southern Mexico.

The chronology begins on September 26, 2014, in the night when students will take part in demonstrations in the capital, and then attacked by corrupted police elements in Iguala.

The juveniles then move to January 27, 2015, when the prosecutor presented a copy of the events showing that the pupils were handed over to drug traffickers who killed them and then burned down their bodies.

Visitors then travel on September 6, 2015, when an independent international expert committee studied the "crime scene" and presented a novel that is contrary to the official narrative.

Experts sent by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights urged the Mexican authorities to reopen the investigation, but the then government of President Enrique Benie Niet considered that the truth in the case appeared and ended the task of these experts.

The 63-year-old opposition artist, who was arrested by the Chinese Communist government in 2011, said he saw the composition "Lego" as a "democratic" term.


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