Ismaili reveals in Joule the fact that the applicant participated in the Champions League in the next season


Ibrahim Fares, a member of the Ismaily board of directors, denied the accusations he was assigned to apply for a new version of the African Champions League.

They talked about Ismaily's desire to participate in the African Champions League next year, especially that the competition will start before the end of the current season, as it is full full version.

Ibrahim Fares said in private statements "This conversation did not happen on the ground and did not make any statements in this regard to any person or medium."

"The last debate that took place in this area was the day of the meeting announced by football clubs and finally saw the conflicts between Ahli and Zamalek."

"Then I talked to Hani Abu Reda and asked him what we will do, because the league will end in August and the time will start in African championships."

"Abu Rida said that this issue should be examined and consulted with the African Union in order to take account of these circumstances when we stood beside it and helped us organize the African nations and solve the situation suffered by the continental championship."

"Will the African Union accept the postponement of the decision of the Egyptian teams by the end of the local season or miss the tournaments to take account of the circumstances in Egypt."

"It was the text of the speech, I did not mention Ismail's name, or I demand something for him, as it is currently said," said Ismaili board member.

Ismaili also postponed the current championship of the African Champions League in the Champions League.


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