For this reason, the Egyptian television banned a transmitting badge on the sports channel of Abu Dhabi


Egyptian TV bans a transmitting badge on the Abu Dhabi sports channel, so the lease listed in the arts we publish on Egyptian television bans the character of broadcasting on the Abu Dhabi sports channel, for this reason, the Egyptian television bans the transmitting badge on the sports channel of Abu Dhabi, we publish our visitors. Through our website the Charter and start with the most exciting news, the Egyptian television receiver therefore excludes the badge of broadcasting from the Abu Dhabi sports channel.

Hisham Rashad, vice president of Egyptian television television for sports programs, announced that it was decided not to give the Abu Dhabi sports channel a sign, as long as material rights for all matches that took place on Egyptian territory were transferred and earlier transfer. The decision came in order to maintain its rights under the Egyptian TV Regulation Which prevents the broadcast of any game without referring to it.

He added that an oral agreement had already been in place for Egyptian television to offer the Arab Championship in exchange for free transfer of the characters for the Arab channels they were transporting. He stressed that the national team matches Tunisia in the African qualifiers "Cameroon 2019". It will be broadcast on Nile Sport, the second channel on the frequency before which the analytical studio for the match titled "Stadium Nile" will be played, hosted by the sports analysis stars.

The National Media Commission has previously confirmed that it has the right to transfer the terrain to all games or tournaments that are carried out in Egypt in accordance with the law and warned in a statement to each entity or institution that it violates these rights or denies it, , to take all legal procedures to maintain their rights in the earthly broadcast of matches in Egypt in accordance with the law.

This was in contrast to the fact that it did not broadcast the matches of the Arab Championship on terrestrial television after banning the owners of the channels Abu Dhabi, the owner of the rights to play cars of the championship from external access to the market in the matches in Al Ahli, Ismaili and Zamalek in the championship.

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From the Charter, Egyptian television prohibits the broadcasting of the Abu Dhabi sports channel for this reason, please follow the social networking sites of our website to permanently receive new news.

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