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Episode "Shouf" Artegrel 135 Dirilş Ertuğrul | Turkey's first frequency and traffic channels that will return between satellite Sat-Nilesat

The Arab world follows the Turkish historical series, the resurrection of Dirilş Ertuğrul, the fifth part, according to the long-awaited followers of the series, to re-broadcast episode series fun, after a break for months, and re-channels broadcast as a series of new followers, the first episode was broadcast, And Episode 134 from the series and all follow the episode date episode 135 of the historical series, and in this article we show you our outstanding summary of previous episodes of the series and episode Bromo, episode 135 and exclusive episode episodes when we show you the episodes, Standard Time for all countries, All in order to be able to follow a series from any country.

Episode 135 of the Artgrel series

Official site of the epic series Artegrel on Promo Promo of the new episodes of the series, which should be shown on various channels, the city of light – the Yarmouk channel, and the second, Wednesday, February 12, 2019, among the subsequent large masses in the Arab world.

The series of Argerel's resurrection

Al Nour, official site of the series, Facebook Facebook, InHistorical serial page on TwitterThe work of promo propaganda of the new episodes, the 125th epic series Artegrel, after continuing the audience in the whole of the Arab world, wanted Abelia to revenge on his father's death from Artgrell's son and tell him, but denied that his son had a relationship with death her father, Draghus and his honesty, Artegrel went north to follow his son, but people were caught in the north of the country, and soldiers around him tried to kill him, and they went to the south of Tigris, Draghus, the murderer of her father and the famous sword in his face, and he finished the ring on it.

Channel channels of Artgrel series

Frequency channel TRT 1 on satellite Sat Sat

Channel name Current frequency Encoding rate Polarization
TRT 1 11954 30000 Vertically V

Frequency of the Yarmouk channel at NilSat

Channel name Current frequency Encryption Polarization
Yarmouk University 11678 27500 Vertically V

The frequency of the Jerusalem channel at NilSat

Kanal Frequency Encoding rate Polarization
Jerusalem 11316 27500 Vertically V

The time of presenting Artgrell's rings in Arab countries

  • Every week at 20:00 in Karkia.
  • 20:00 Wednesdays every week Soft time – Kuwait – Yemen – Iraq.
  • 18:00 every week on Wednesday Tunisian time – Algeria – Morocco.
  • Every week at 19:00 in Cairo – Syria.
  • 21:00 pm Abu Dhabi.

Channels mentioned in episode 134 of the Artegrel series on the evening of February 6, on Wednesday night, and Yarmouk offer a return to the mass and further high.

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