Donia Al-Masri confirms that Rital's character is a surprise


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The actress, Donia El Masry, was happy with the reactions she received on Rital's character during the events of the second part "Al Bait Al Kabir", which is currently on Al-Nahar television.

Al-Masri confirmed in comments for Lifestyle and that Rital's personality during the upcoming episodes will witness many surprises to the public, which will be a shock to what they will see from them, which confirms the reactions he received very wonderful.

It is important to note that the series "Big House" with Lucy, Ahmed Badir, Sussen Badr, Riam Hilal, Hajjaj Azim and the meeting with Swedan, Tarik Sabri, Doni Masri, Mei Fakhri, Ahmed Siam, Jordan Rim Bshnaq, Sheriff Baher and Tayseer Abdul Aziz,, And joined the second part of Dalia Mustafa, Abeer Sabri and Majdi Kamel and wrote Ahmed Subhi, director Mohamed Nukali.

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