Domestic Colors Warning for employees .. Drugs, coughs and colon are responsible for drug abuse


Do not take this medicine, a drug in which a narcotic, a warning to the face of social networking for employees, especially patients with irritable bowel from the treatment of medicines "Librax" and "Colovirin A", because they contain a substance "chloradiazepoxide", narcotic drug-like drug Includes the production of sedatives and hypnotics, which is the result of a drug analysis that is subordinate to the personnel of the administrative system positively and exposes them to layoffs.

Despite the warnings of Librax and Colovirin A, they are not the only drugs in pharmacies that are widely used and widely used, contain narcotic substances, and drug analysis can be shown to those who take it positively.

Chlorydiazepoxide also has other pharmaceuticals that are traded on the market, other than Librax and Colovirin A, according to pharmacist Ahmed Rabie, such as Deepax, Iberax and Cloxid, all of which have the same effect as previous medications.

Rabie added that there are medicines that are used to treat other diseases and are widespread, in particular cough medicines containing Dextromethorphan, the most important medicines, Ozilix and Balmollar, Topsel, Bronze, Tusilar ". Kodavin and Renotas.

Medicines used as muscle relaxants, such as Sumadril and Tethaxyl muscle mass, are also commonly used, according to the pharmacist, most notably Cepotrim, Meridia and DietMax. "And" Mongolia "also contains narcotic substances.


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