Does almond contain vitamin D.


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Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins in the body because it is responsible for protecting bones and muscles in the body, so many may wonder about vitamin D-containing foods so you can take over and take advantage of this vitamin and foods that do not know much about the presence of Vitamin D is the almond, as it will show you.

Mandelins and containing vitamin D.

Almond and almond milk contain many different nutrients. The most common ingredient of almonds is a large amount of calcium and contains a large amount of vitamin D, which is not found in many foods.

A cup of almond milk contains at least 350 IU. This is a large percentage that covers a good proportion of vitamin D intake. In the body, the maximum daily dose of vitamin D 400 IU is.

It is therefore recommended to eat almonds or almond syrup to get enough vitamin D in your body.

Sources of vitamin D intake.

The sun is the first and most important source of vitamin D in the body that enters the body through ultraviolet rays.

It is therefore advisable that the person is exposed to sunlight every day for at least a quarter of a day daily to get enough vitamin D, but it should be two hours before the sunset or two hours after the sunrise so as not to avoid harmful sunshine at all times rays.

There are many other foods that can get a good proportion of vitamin D, such as:

1 – Whale liver or fish oil, foods that have vitamin D are dramatic, and vitamin D contains salmon, sardines, tuna.

2 – Vitamin D is found in mushrooms, where one cup of mushrooms contains approximately 100 IU of vitamin D.

3 – Milk products, such as milk products and cheese from foods containing vitamin D, if the milk cup contains 24% of the body's daily requirement for vitamin D.

4. If vitamin D can not be obtained from food or sunlight, it can be obtained by taking tablets that are sold in pharmacies in vitamin D. For children, vitamins D, which the doctor prescribes for a child, if the child has a vitamin deficiency Body.

The most vulnerable groups of vitamin D deficiency.

Some groups are more likely to be deficient in the body:

– Women during pregnancy and lactation Women may need to double the amount of vitamin D with dietary supplements in your body.

– Older people over 65 years of age.

– Children especially in lactation, because the child's body is in the formation phase.

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

Some symptoms occur in a person who indicates a lack of vitamin D in the body, such as:

– feeling tired and having a lasting presence of severe muscular pain.

– bone fractures, especially in the thigh area.

– Increase the frequency of many diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, other diseases.

– high incidence of rheumatism.

– A child who has a lack of vitamin D is late in walking and sitting, and can have curvature in the feet.

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