Date with history On the second day of Rio Races Brazilian fans celebrate "Zayed Year" and thank the Crown Prince Abu Dhabi


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Amin Aldubli (Rio de Janeiro):

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Championship for Gujits reached the historic date when it set a new record for the number of Black Belt players who participated in one of their laps. The second day in Rio de Janeiro was attended by 550 black gaming belts in all categories. They were adults or professors of men and women, a big number that was first scored in a single round and made the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Platform for the champion and stars, especially in the presence of more than 75? From the best players around the world in all categories.

The second day of the Rio Grand Slam tour was not only a thrill of the participation of the champions, but it was also exciting in the crowd, where the number approached 7,000 fans, which did not happen in any of the rounds and did not stop the screams of the mass 10-hour, nine- Carioca Arena 1 in the Olympic Village, which was proof of the success of the most important sporting event hosted by the sports legends in 2016, the Olympic Games in Rio.

The Brazilian public yesterday printed a loyalty panel at the UEFA symbols in the United Arab Emirates, where it supported the slogan "The Year of Zayed," which was grateful for this clever and courageous leader who, with charitable projects, reached his own hands against them and to all those who need it in the world, to thank HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince Abu Dhabi, and the Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces of the United Mexican States of the United Nations to support and support Jujitsu sports in the world and in Brazil, the Jujitsu game in Brazil is different according to popularity in the country.

"Fans on the stands are known by Abu Dhabi and are familiar with His Majesty Shaykh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, as there are nearly two million players in Gujitsu's practitioners in Brazil, and the number of academies in different countries exceeds 10,000." . "Brazilian fans are grateful to his height, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, for the fourth year of his support for the Rio de Janeiro tournament and they think this is the best gift for them and they never forget," said Walter Mats, president of the Brazilian federation Jujitsu. That Abu Dhabi is a locomotive that drives all players in Brazil and in the world to achieve their goals of glory and celebration and glory, providing them with the best atmosphere for the competition and organizing the biggest tournament in Brazil each year, and the world's largest tournament in Abu Dhabi International Champions of Gujitsu, Big Mac I missed all the tournaments that have attracted hundreds of coaches and judges to work in the largest project in the world to train for heroes who could reach the top of the pyramid in this sport.

"All the streets of Rio de Janeiro are known by the name of Abu Dhabi. With Jujitsu, UAE's best ambassador is outside of his borders. Abu Dhabi Grand Slam is considered to be the annual Jujitsu festival in Brazil where we meet Jujitsu officials in different countries. Our various academies test their players to measure the level of development from year to year. We are also acquainted with the latest events in the world with the presence of world champions from around the world, where we learn in the professional organization of tournaments, And all the heroes And feel the same as they rise to the golden podium, after having been marginalized for decades.

"All players and players of Jujitsu in Brazil are also aware that Abu Dhabi led the efforts of the International Association for Accreditation of Games at the Olympic Games, a dream that was previously impossible, and it is possible with the entry of Abu Dhabi into the field.

Regarding the reasons for the big interaction between the communities in Rio de Janeiro and the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in Djujits, he emphasized that the main reason is the great media attention of the mainstream television stations, newspapers and magazines and the interest of players, coaches, judges and their families in Rio de Janeiro. Year after year. In the Brazilian Federation Jujitsu, we have managed to establish a privileged relationship with officials in the state of Rio de Janeiro, all of which compete for all kinds of support and support for us in this tournament.

The second day of the Rio de Janeiro tour was dedicated to the competition of the brown and black belt for adults and men and women's classes, with a very limited participation of the UAE delegation, and the majority of players was blue, white and purple. Brazilians continued to occupy the races the second day Given a ratio of at least 95? Medals in the categories of male and female teachers who finished the second day, while the final applications in the third day turned into qualifications for adults according to the tournament schedule.

Mohamed Karam was wearing a brown bronze

Mohammed Karam Hassan added a bronze medal on the second day of the tournament, where he was chroned by 69 kg of teachers at the brown belt competition, Karam won in Nazal, while he was lost in one run, which reached the balance of our mission 4 silver medals Mahjamud Al-Sayed from Al Wahde and two bronze medals by Ahmed Ibrahim Murad, Jassim Said from AFNT and Karam Bronze.

Karam argues that Rio's competitors are stronger than all previous rounds and that he has made great use of this tour and has translated what he learned in future challenges.

Alex Baz: The most powerful circles without arbitration appeal

Alex Baz, chairman of the board of judges, said he was proud to have seen Rio de Janeiro without a single referee, even though this was the most powerful and most dangerous match in the world. The players themselves helped the judges to act in the best possible way. The rulings of the rulers and the top in commitment and discipline among themselves, no matter how hot the demons are and the text does not stand out from any behavior, either men or women, and I think that this success was achieved only by choosing the most efficient rulers and imposing severe penalties in previous rounds On both of the texts, ensure the maximum allowable value Neutrality and fairness in the fall by unifying decisions in similar situations.

"A technical meeting before the tournament with coaches and players is one day essential in every tournament," he says. "We are reviewing the rules of unity for expulsion and clarifying all the prohibitions according to the latest developments in international law. We guarantee them and their trainers that no error will come without penalty, even if it is in the way of entering the carpet, greetings to a colleague or saluting the judge we do not mention other irregularities, whether in musk or wrong overcoming. At the same time, we meet with the rulers themselves. We agree that we will strictly apply the law regardless of the name, date or star of the game.

"The second day was the toughest due to the length of the period, the power of competition and the level of convergence, but he did not see any irregularities or complaints that Jujitsu players had in the brown and violet bands.

Bridge for communicating with people

: In Moscow in June

Rio de Janeiro

The visit to Rio de Janeiro was an opportunity for an open dialogue with all organizers in Brazil to discuss any proposals that could help us develop a championship in future versions, in particular that the organizing committee completed the registration before the start of the week's competition.

Al-Bahari said: "One of the most important achievements we offer each year is that the Abu Dhabi name is firmly anchored in a Brazilian society. We provide a bridge to communicate with this society that loves sport every day. They have established their laws.

"The level of the tournament is technically rising year after year, especially since some Brazilian players who were previously involved with us in the blue belt reached the brown belt. Some in the purple belt have developed to the black belt." Abu Dhabi Grand I slam our window to see the latest in the world in Jujitsu's techniques, skills and techniques, which is a great opportunity for our players to acquire the necessary experience.

"Everyone who participated in the tournament participated in the sense that weight did not prevent any of them from participating. The player who was above the weight with which he wanted to participate took part in the next problem," he said.

"The visit to Moscow will be held in June after the holy month of Ramadan, and after returning from Rio, we will meet with local organizers to select the salon and review all arrangements with them, as it will take place in two days, and we expect to witness a great participation and a great audience , because south is one of the most popular sports in this stage, and in the end I am proud to be one of those who witnessed the birth and foundation of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. Yes, the challenges are in every round. We can change this by accumulating experiences Provide an opportunity for excellence and creativity.

180 Academy in 112 Black Belt Players

Natalino: The most developed sport in the capital of Brasilia

Rio de Janeiro

Antonio Giacinto, president of the Brasilia region, says that the Rio Grand Slam tour serves as a resurgence for the Gujitsu game in the country every year. Every player, coach and judge is interested in it, followed by all who love the fight. An astonishing achievement of this circle of stars, celebrities and heroes.

"Art of Dress" is the fastest growing sport in the city of Brasilia. This year, there are eight tournaments in the capital. The number of black belt players in Brazil is 122. Brazil has 180 academies. Educational officials in Brazil presented sports in schools, like Abu Dhabi, through Jujitsu's school program. The number of schools that adopted Gujitsu in Brazil, the second year after the introduction of the program, reached 20 schools.

Abu Dhabi's experience with Jujitsu said: "Abu Dhabi is a land of dreams for all trainers, only this year 16 people have moved to the United Arab States to develop this sport, most of them in the field of training. Personally, I want to visit Abu Dhabi, And the role of Abdul Moneim Al Hashei, the president of Confederations in Asia and the UAE, the first vice president of the International Federation for the Development of Sport, and the magazine "Gujitsu World" published by the UAE for Jujitsu, and drew attention to the image of Hashemia, and then confirmed that one of the most important personal figures working day and nights to improve the game in the world.

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