Monday , January 18 2021

Corona doubles the pressure on the disabled

The Qatar Society for the Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities, in collaboration with the Primary Health Care Corporation, organized a lecture on psychological awareness entitled “Mental Health for People with Disabilities and Their Families in the Light of the Corona Crisis,” which I lectured on with the help of “Microsoft Teams” technology organized visual communication technology, Ms. Hajar Al-Omari, psychologist At the Psychological Support Clinic at Al-Wajba Medical Center.

The lecture addressed several aspects related to the mental health, stress and psychological problems that are expected to occur in people with disabilities and their families during the Corona crisis, in particular the social distancing and isolation that the virus imposes on different societies.
His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Thani Al Thani, Vice President of the Board of the Qatar Association for the Rehabilitation of People with Special Needs, stressed the importance of mental health for people with disabilities and their families and the Association’s interest in psychological aspects and psychological rehabilitation for people with disabilities. integration and a dignified life. For people with disabilities in Qatari society, he explained that the lecture was the result of the association’s efforts to address the psychological aspects of people with disabilities in the light of the Corona crisis, which doubles the psychological pressure on people with disabilities and their families and bears the burden of protecting their children. People with disabilities multiply the burden, responsibility and effort expended on them.

Mr. Talib Afifa, a member of the board of directors of the association, praised the lecture and its distinguished treatment of the topic of the lecture and the coverage of various causes of psychological problems that occur or are expected to occur between people with disabilities and family members. with ways to prevent them and eliminate them if they occur. A distinguished scientist for all aspects, while developing appropriate practical solutions, he praised the prestigious and ongoing cooperation between the Association and the Corporation for Primary Health Care in the field of health, awareness and mental health, which is in the interest of people with disabilities, their families and society. in general.

Dr. Tariq Al-Essawi, a psychological counselor, explained that the association provides ongoing psychological support programs for people with disabilities and their families through consultations provided by the association free of charge by visiting the association’s headquarters or by direct phone calls, and explained that psychological support for people with disabilities and their families is one of the priorities of the objectives and plans of the association’s programs implemented through it. Several workshops, lectures and seminars throughout the year, in which a special group for various disabled people according to psychological needs and special psychological support for them, in addition to continuous training in psychological support for disabled people providing various services for disabled people in different state institutions, in addition to the fact that the association has published a group Publications in the field of psychological support and mental health of people with disabilities.

During a lecture attended by a large and distinguished presence of experts and parents, Professor Hajar Al-Omari explained that the most important psychological problems faced by people with disabilities and their families during the Corona crisis are caused by anxiety resulting from excessive monitoring news showing the number of infections worldwide, death and development of Corona virus. The emerging “Covid 19”, which raises concerns about the disease, in particular inconsistencies and unequal information from different sources, especially among those who do not depend on receiving news from their official and reliable sources, and has made it clear that maintaining good and balanced mental health to reduce exposure to news, in particular through funding. Social communication, which contains a lot of incorrect, misleading and wrong news, and to achieve balanced mental health, in addition to good and regular exercise, in addition to proper and regular physical activity, you also get adequate sleep and healthy and balanced food. stress reduction Attention to health and necessary health measures for personal hygiene, sterilization, drinking water, work at home and continuous activity Encouraging children and the disabled to do household chores, correct their negative behavior and drain energy into useful things that also contribute to their entertainment, and creating an atmosphere of cooperation and happy family communication by involving all family members, especially the elderly, the disabled and children, which is reflected in All members of the family and society in a positive way reduce health problems and contribute to a healthy society.

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