"Chamber of Commerce" expects reconstruction of building materials according to Eid al-Fitr


Ahmed al-Zaini, the head of the general division of building materials in chambers of commerce, excluded the rise in prices of construction materials in the light of the current stability in the local market, according to the upcoming Ramadan.

"Zinni", for "homeland", said that the price stability factor is the result of the recession that prevails in the market, and offers companies a price-boosting offer. He pointed out that iron prices today range from 11300 to 11,800 pounds per tonne, while the price of cement tones ranged from 850 to 770 pounds.

After returning workers abroad, the head of the General Building Materials Division in the Chambers of Commerce announced a strong recovery in the building materials sector according to Eid al-Fitru, stressing that construction materials are the most important sectors entering many branches and underline that they are depends entirely on market dependence. Especially in the framework of infrastructure projects recently announced by the government.

Ezz Steel is sold at prices from LE 11720 to LE 11750 per tonne, while Egyptian iron sold at LE 11600 per ton, Bashai to 11600, and El Ghargy to LE10150.

While Arab cement is sold at a price of 860 to 865 pounds per tonne, Renaissance cement is sold at prices from 825 pounds to 830 pounds per tonne, while Portland from Torah is sold at a price between 850 and 855 pounds per tonne.


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