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Cancer. Early detection is a difference

Prepared by: Khansaa Al Zubair

On 4 and 15 February, the World Health Organization (WHO) identified two World Cancer Awareness Day: 4 February is targeted at cancer in general and is the third of the month for cancer in childhood, which is generally among the leading causes of death in the world. At the same time, he was no longer condemned to death, whether children or adults, due to ongoing experiments in order to develop treatment for improving patient health and increasing their survival potential.
There are no specific reasons that could be resolved to reduce the number of infections, and science is known for risk factors that increase the potential for tumor formation and spread, some physical factors and some environmental factors, and often the first result of another, and all studies and scientific research are still going on here and there. Treatment is still in development, mixing and integration, until we achieve the desired results in reducing the number of cases that are not very few and that cancer, like other diseases, can be cured or and at the same time with a person without panic.

Environment and age

What happens in the case of cancer is cell carcinogenesis, the transformation of cells from the normal to the tumor cells through the process of several stages, from pre-cancer to arrival of the degree of malignancy, and the unfavorable changes in the interaction between the genetic factors of the person and the three species. External factors are physical factors, such as exposure to ultraviolet or ionic radiation, chemical factors such as tobacco, consumption of contaminated foods or beverages, asbestos, etc. And biological factors, such as exposure to certain viral, bacterial or parasitic infections. Lucy, for example, diseases that can cause liver carcinogenesis.
Age is one of the main causes of the disease found in older people, perhaps due to the accumulation of certain risk factors when a person progresses, the most important risk factor associated with aging is the decline in their own self-management mechanisms.

Children and renewed hope

Cancer for children is one of the most common non-infectious causes of death among these age groups, thousands of them diagnosed worldwide every year and what types of cancer in childhood are comparable to those in adults.
A relatively long list of cancers includes a number of names according to the location of the disease: bone cancer, brain cancer, leukemia, liver cancer, lymphoma, neural tumors, Wilms tumor and some rare tumors that occur in some parts of the body. Like muscles or spinal cord. Cancer of the brain, known as the worst type of tumor, endangers the lives of sick children and seeks more details, and scientists have recently discovered a new type of therapy that has shown that the immune regulator that seems to be the cause of these tumors has stopped the immune control of the body . Scientists have suggested that targeting this drug regulator has become a treatment that tackles the lives of many sick children.

Control species

There is still no cure for this disease, but the patient recover after treatment, tumors decrease and disappear, and the effectiveness of treatment for achieving this positive phase is the discovery of an early stage disease. The patient has a lifetime of 5 years after diagnosis in the case of certain cancers including, but not limited to, skin cancer, breast, prostate, cervix and thyroid.
Occasionally, the disease may recur, and in the case of an operation for the removal of cancerous areas, some patients disappear without recurrence.

Early detection is important

Early detection of disease remains the biggest factor in controlling body disease and increasing the patient's survival potential in order to achieve the greatest number of early discoveries, awareness is spreading in a number of ways, such as World Cancer Day and World Cancer Day, clinical assessment and meta. Infected with the sound and then the start of treatment for the injured, which is greatly facilitated if the discovery in an early stage. Effective treatment is based on a correct diagnosis, because each type of disease requires a special regimen of treatment, either with one or more treatments simultaneously, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
The psychological aspect and the life of the patient do not overlook the fact that news of the disease is a psychological burden for him and that his coexistence with the disease and physical and physical burdens need advice and guidance in order to cope with it so that patients need more ways to ensure health care as needed.

Aspirin and a positive effect

In recent decades, aspirin has taken up a large proportion of medicines as a factor that has been positively linked to the user's public health. In a recent study, researchers found that patients with head and neck cancer who regularly use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aspirin lived longer as non-users; This is due to the fact that this type of antibiotic reduces prostaglandin E2, a molecule that stimulates inflammation.
Aspirin in ancient times started as a medicinal plant used to treat pain and some diseases by the belief of inherited people, but due to recent research, its health benefits have been clearly and scientifically proven and have become drugs for their place in pharmacies, while doctors in many cases rely on it and control the effects of certain chronic diseases in order to prevent its complications. It is now on the horizon as a treatment that improves the state of cancer patients if proven by future clinical trials.

Strategies that surround the danger

In accordance with the scientific and research field, the recommendations are sometimes in line with the latest findings of scientists, which include several aspects: the external environment can not be separated from physical health, because the environment has a major impact on health disasters.
Some studies have shown that fine air pollutants are a factor in oral cancer, and other studies have shown that some substances change human genes and cause them to cross the wrong path. With strategies that go beyond the road, such as policies that limit the use of everything that would increase carbon dioxide emissions and thus reduce lung problems, including lung cancer.
Some of the recommendations have been focused on strategies that have an economic side, namely narrowing the way to some raw materials, such as cigarettes and others, either by trying to raise their prices or by compelling manufacturers to draw attention to the packaging in order to reduce the number those affected by their adverse effects, which reduces the number of patients with throat, lung and other illness diseases with these products.

Diet therapy

Food plays an important role in improving human health, since each type plays a role in the body against vital processes, as tumors are due to wrong processes in the cells of the body, so food can neutralize these processes or reset them to normal as they were before the disease. Some foods have properties that make them cancer-fighting weapons and are numerous and varied, including fresh garlic in addition to lumps of the same kind as onion and porridge, garlic contains strong antioxidants that have proven to nullify the body of free radicals that are harmful to health. Just like broccoli, strawberries, spinach, tomato and carrots. Several studies have shown that drinking green tea is beneficial for its positive effect.

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