Sunday , August 1 2021

Apple awards open teenagers gap in "Time" award

An American teenager discovered a gap in the FaceTime video on Apple phones.

The company did not disclose the size of the prize, but would contribute to the cost of studying teenage Grant Thompson, 14.

Thompson discovered the vulnerability in TimeTime to be able to spy on group calls that were used with this feature.

This happens when Apple did not want to notify Apple about the security vulnerability of its devices because it did not want to offer a financial reward.

The difference was detected last month, some Apple device users noticed that after connecting with others using FaceTime they could listen to their calls, even though they initially refused to receive calls, which means that once you try to get in touch with others, you can tap all your calls. Apple received these remarks very carefully and forbade the group calls in TimeTime for some time during the investigation. These warnings circulated on social networking sites without mentioning that they were discovered by a certain person, but later Apple revealed that Grant and his mother had already warned of the gap.

Grant discovered the gap when he used FaceTime to make group calls with his friends to discuss new ways in Fortnight.

Grant and his mother, Apple sent several messages to draw attention to the gap, but the company did not respond, but now thanks to Grant for finding a hole.

The German electronic researcher, Linus Haines, who did not detect the vulnerability in the driver, "Apple Mac OS", allows the password to entangle in user accounts.

Linus refused to disclose details after Apple refused a financial reward for information.


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