Saturday , July 24 2021

Apple addresses problem of spyware in "FaceTime"

Apple has announced a new update to its iPhone operating system, the main purpose of which is to eliminate the technical shortcomings that caused the security problem in its use, "FaceTime".

According to the news published by the newspaper "Independent" The new update provides an important and recommended security feature for all users and recommends that users download it.

The IOS update included several programs and will repair a technical error that caused problems using the FaceTime application that allowed users to spy on one another.

Downloading the new version, "iOS 12.1.4," should solve the problem and re-install the group chat.

The news item pointed out that Apple also returned to servers running the TimeTime grouping program that was separate to prevent people from using the error, and currently they will not be able to use phones and other devices, such as are Mac devices that have not been updated from the Download Now application.

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The problem has appeared on all devices that support "FaceTime" that includes "iPad" devices, as well as Mac devices, and each device has its own software update.

The problem was discovered by a 14-year-old boy from Arizona, whose mother, Michelle Thompson, told Apple Inc., who thanked her family for reporting the case, and said his engineering team had already begun. Please correct the problem immediately.

The company said in a statement that "today's software update fixes a security error in FaceTime, and once again we apologize to our customers and thank them for their patience. In addition to addressing the reported error, our team performed a comprehensive security audit of TimeTime, Additional updates for the application and its web server. "

"We upgraded the servers to prevent direct image rendering from TimeTime to older versions of Vista," the company said. "The fix is ​​a predefined loophole in Visetime's direct image function to protect clients that have not updated the latest software. IOS and Mac OS.

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The company also confirmed that Thomson will be compensated for error reporting and said that this will be an additional gift to the boy, "Grant Thompson," who discovered the gap.

Users who want to update the IOS software can do this by opening the Settings app on the Apple device, selecting General and then System Update.

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