An American girl at the port after "dropping a baby and hitting her head"


A 10-year-old girl was charged with murder for allegedly killing a six-month-old boy and chasing her head in a day care center run by her adoptive parents in Wisconsin, the United States.

An unknown girl buried under my mother's hand after 10 minutes of the trial on Monday morning.

The court heard that the girl who said "the calf's hold in a licensed day-care center near Sheboa Falls, Wisconsin, held her hand until she escaped accidentally and found that she did not respond and bleed from her head. the child was taken to a children's hospital, but died two days later. "

"The girl held the child and when she fell out of hand, she hit her head to stop paying," said James Kovalitsch, a provincial official in Chibuya.

The doctor told the court that the injuries were not accidental, reports Star Tribune.

Police asked an adult and three children who were then present at the day center and confirmed that the girl was the main suspect and ordered the court to detain a girl with a deposit of $ 50,000 until the next trial.

The child was accused of murder at the first instance as an adult, although her case is probably solved in the juvenile system. Under Wisconsin law, the first-degree murder fees should first be transferred to the adult court if the defendant is 10 years old or more


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