Ahli reveals the fact that Azarov was punished for the incident of breaking the shirt


Ahli reveals the truth of the adultery of Azarov after the incident of tearing up the shirt of Naseem News, which quotes the story, we announce to you Ahli reveals the truth of adultery Azarov by the fact that he torn the shirt, Ahli reveals the truth about punishing Azarov after the incident, torn by the shirt, we send you our visitors News News Today through our news breeze and start with the most important news, Azarov is punished for the incident that torn his shirt.

Naseem News The official source of the Al-Ahli football car was surprised by the news that the coach was thinking of the finishing of the Moroccan striker Waleed Azarou because he was tearing his shirt in the middle of an Esperance shirt to confirm his right to a penalty display.

Tunisian social networking sites and some Tunisian websites have posted a video of Morocco's Waleed Azaro, who, during a meeting with Esperance, wore his shirt to confirm his right to a penalty screen in a 3-1 victory over Egypt.

The source explained that technical staff did not take into account the penalties for killing Azaro due to the fact that he "teared up the shirt" and explained that the sanction was calculated by Algerian judge Mehdi bin Obaid after the latter tried to use the "mouse", which confirms that the judge confirmed the validity of a penalty kick.

The source stressed that the judge calculated the penalty for Al Ahly because of a mistake that had been committed against a Moroccan striker and had nothing to do with the penalty to "tear the shirt" because the mistake was the penalty of Ahli, in particular that the Algerian judge used the technique "mice "and confirmed the validity of the decision and the right Ahiya In the penalty shoot-out.

The Algerian judge counts two penalties for Ahli against Esperance, while Egypt will meet Esperance in the last part of the African league on Friday at the Rades Stadium.

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