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Abu Dhabi is preparing for the Year of Judah of Tolerance


Mohammed Bin Thaloub Al Derai, President of the Wrestling and Judo Federation, continued the preparatory program for the first UAE team to participate in the Grand Prix Championship in Marrakech, Morocco, from 8 to 10 March, under the control of the International Federation of Judas, 505 players and players from 72 countries Different countries of the world, including 8 Arab countries.
Jude UAE at the tournament represents Victor in weight under 73 kg, and Ivan in a weighting less than 100 kg, praised the president of the Union's program for the preparation of judo and tried in anticipation of the championship aspirations.
Al-Derai, after meeting with Federal Secretary of the Federation Nasser Al-Tammi, secretary of the International Judo Fund at the headquarters of the new union in the Al-Mashrafa area, said that the plan for preparing players' training through a preparatory program under the supervision of technical staff , continues until she joins the tournament teams. She was different in physical and mental preparation, training and experimental games, in order to prepare for the hosting and organization of the Grand Slam 2019 Year of Tolerance, from 25 to 27 October in Abu Dhabi.
The leader of the Wrestling and Judo Association, Mohammed bin Thaloub al-Derai, called for the early preparation of the tournament, which is considered the second largest judo tournament in the world, in proportion to the "Year of Tolerance".
He said that the recognition of the international federation of judo as the ambassador of peace and friendship and the recognition of honorary membership in the international federation, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the honorary president of the International Union for Judo, demanded that the success of international federation competitions be translated into a message on the state of friendship, tolerance, peace and excellence.

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