10 Used chilli for human health


Chili peppers are fruit of the paprika plant, which belongs to the family of eggplants, chili peppers have many species that differ from one another, and these species are called long peppers. To Europe in the 15th century is Christoph Kolumbo.

Chile is used as a popular spice in cooking and has been used in medicine for millennia and contains capsicins, which depend on the temperature of pepper on its content, more peppers contain more capsaicin, the more hot Chili is very rich in vitamins and minerals. , Copper and potassium, in addition to many compounds and antioxidants such as lutein, cappasthine, and fulazantine.

And the spread of hot foods can cause a lot of problems, but diet is needed for the health of the body and reduces the incidence of certain diseases, it is considered to be hot pepper, which helps to promote the health of the body because it contains a high proportion of vitamins, "Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6 ". Antioxidants, potassium, folic acid ".

It uses chilli to health

The use of chilli stimulates the health of the nervous system, the activation of memory, the prevention of Alzheimer's disease, dementia and aging.

Because hot chilli contains copper, iron and some minerals needed for body health, it works to treat anemia and contributes to the formation of red blood cells.

It works by lowering blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular disease, as it contains potassium, folic acid, certain vitamins and other nutrients.

Chili is a natural parent analgesic, as it contains a high percentage of anti-inflammatory substances and acts on arthritis and osteoporosis, and relieves pain in bruises, inflammation and redness.

Hot peppers contain a high content of vitamins, antibacterial agents and viruses, so it is a powerful tonic of the immune system and fights bacteria and infections.

Red pepper contains vitamin C and some vitamins that promote the health of the respiratory system and protect it from diseases and infections.

Because it contains vitamin A, it promotes eye and eye health, and protects it from macular degeneration and vision problems.

Chili pepper contains properties and minerals that prevent the formation of various forms of cancer, since it prevents tumors.

Chili helps prevent ulcers and gastric infections, as it contains a large amount of vitamins and nutrients that promote the health of the digestive system and gastric mucosa.

Chili helps to lose weight and get rid of obesity, it is advisable to eat with exercise to lose weight.


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