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كونا: Kuwaiti art associations celebrate Kuwaiti Heritage Week in Sharjah – Culture, Arts and Literature

From Sulejman Reza

Shahra, 19 November (KUNA) – A number of Kuwaiti art associations have welcomed the Kuwaiti Heritage Week in the Emirates of Sharjah, which began today with the official presence of Kuwait.
The talented artists Saad Al-Faraj, Mohammed Al-Mansour and talented artist Mustafa Ahmed are honored guests of the Kuwaiti Heritage Week, which is part of the Weeks of World Heritage Weeks program, which was kept by Emirate Sharjah under the leadership of the Sharjah Institute for Heritage.

"The Emirate of Sharjah is today a lighthouse of the Bay and Arab culture," said Saad Al-Faraj, who is in charge of hosting Kuwait in the World Heritage program. Different civilizations around the world.
Al-Faraj said that Kuwaiti art, especially about heritage and events prior to the discovery of oil, has in particular expanded fame in the Arabian Gulf in general and in the United Arab States. "Kuwaiti cultural heritage could open the door of a brother in the United Arab Emirates through art, which always reminds us of the common past between the two countries."
The artist emphasized the importance of investing this event (the Kuwaiti Heritage Week) in the definition of the old generation of new generations that connect the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait and how to subscribe to the same heritage pattern, which indicates the extent of the established fraternal relations. He praised Sharjah's role in supporting the artistic movement in the bay with cultural and theater initiatives adopted by a member of the Supreme Council and the ruler of Sharjah Sheikh, Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, "for whom he considered the father of art at the level of the Arab Bay". Al Faraj thanked the Sharjah Heritage Institute for more than 50 years of honor and expressed his pride in this honor, emphasizing that it gives an incentive to take particular care of the Gulf and Kuwaian artistic movement. "The Kuwaiti heritage week is an important opportunity to highlight Kuwait's popular heritage," he said. "The Emirate of Sharjah is an emirate of culture and it is our honor to honor the art of Kuwait on many occasions." He praised the support of his height of the ruler of Sharjah for art and artists in all countries. Arab world.
"This is the main reason for my interest in presenting cultural heritage in Kuwait and the Bay, which aims to preserve this heritage and present it to future generations," he added.
Al-Mansour said he has performed a number of drama and television series that mimic the heritage and history of the Arabian Gulf, among which the most important is the television series "Snacks of nostalgia" presented in 2004 by Abdulaziz Al-Mansour, who talks about life old seaside people. He told the folk heritage in all its forms, "which was a great success where three parts were made."
Al-Mansour called for the continued support of the Gulf government in general in the production of Gulf Heritage factories, "because modern generations must communicate with the Gulf's environment and how the old parents and grandparents lived" and emphasized that artistic works of heritage, if they are perfect , "forever".
Kuwaiti artist Mustafa Ahmed thanked the government of Sharjah that a guest at the Kuwaiti heritage weekend praised him for the popular musical performances that were included in the event.
He emphasized that the UAE and the Kuwait musical heritage are characterized by many common features, both in terms of ancient songs or instruments, such as drums, tuners and other old musical instruments, "reflecting the depths of a popular culture that connects two fraternal people". The artist Mustafa Ahmed emphasized the importance of preserving people's groups in the Gulf, which carry old songs of young people and know their past, in which popular singing played an important role both in the sea and in Badia. "So I believe that the Kuwaiti Week of Heritage is in the context of preserving this heritage. He commended Sharjah's initiatives to preserve the Gulf heritage in general and supported art in the region with respect for the first artists who for many years preserved the heritage of the Gulf song and expressed their happiness to attend this Kuwaiti event organized by the emirate. The Kuwaiti Heritage Week is part of the Shakesh World Weeks Weeks program, which emphasizes the culture and art of different nations throughout the world. The event will continue until next Saturday, featuring numerous Kuwaiti craftsmen representing various images of Kuwaiti heritage, such as wooden vessels, traditional clothes, cooking dishes and others.

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