Tuesday , March 2 2021

Withdrawal of the “alliance” from the Felicity party

Echoes of the visit of ACP President Erdoğan to the chairman of the Felicity High Advisory Committee, Oğuzhan Asiltürk, are still ongoing.

Erdogan’s statement after the visit: “My visit to Asilturka is a courtesy visit and this is an alliance issue, this is an electoral alliance or any support must be on our side in this fight against terrorism, while we are fighting terrorism for the future.” brought up.

Konya Karaduman’s Saadet party deputy said Erdogan’s visit was “no alliance talks on the Felicity party’s agenda” and said their parties were not included in the Nation Alliance. “The Felicity party participated in the Nation election on June 24 as part of its principles, and then in the March 31 local elections, the Felicity party did not participate in any alliance,” Karaduman said.

Highlights from Karaduman’s assessments are as follows:


The Felicity party ran in the Nation election on June 24 as part of its principles, and then the Felicity party did not run in any alliance in the March 31 local elections. The Felicity party stressed that relations between political parties and meetings of political party leaders are important. In this sense, the President’s visit to Mr Asiltürk, who was the Minister of the Interior of the SME-CHP coalition, is considered a courtesy visit. It is not right to make an Alliance assessment at a meeting. Alliance talks are not on Felicity’s agenda. Since we did not have an election program, the Felicity party did not give an assessment of the alliance with this visit. She was part of the Nation Alliance with the principles of the Felicity party and will continue to protect them.


Local government elections were held during the last elections in 2019. The authorized bodies of our Saadet party were consulted. The decision was made that the Felicity party would enter the elections across the country on its own. The Felicity party entered the last election without participating in any alliance. Whether it is currently in an alliance or not, the answer is only when the election process enters, the competent authorities of the Felicity party sit down and decide. Since there are no elections at the moment, we cannot talk about any alliance.


The alliance between Felicity and the CHP in the June 24 elections did not actually increase the voting rate of the Saadet party, if we look from the outside. This alliance sets out the overall vision and mission of the Felicity party. A Felicity party is not a party that acts solely on the basis of party interests. The Saadet party pursues a policy based on the interests of the state and the nation. It is an alliance that naturally took place in the June 24 elections. No member of the Felicity party would accept the alliance made in the June 24 election as wrong. no On 24 June, the elections conducted with programs implemented in the Alliance are an alliance concluded with regard to the governance of Turkey. It is an alliance of principles, not ideology.


Today, he is not yet in a state of horror to serve, as no political party in Turkey says. The position of all political parties on terrorism is clear. It is clear that all political parties stand in the place of an effective and determined fight against terrorism. The Azerbaijani struggle for independence in Turkey has stood by Azerbaijan in a poll conducted by all but one party in parliament. On the issue of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Felicity party supported the government’s fight for its legal rights.


This will be decided by the members of the AK party. Who will file this petition. It is obvious that MHP will file a petition, but what does the AK party say? They need to be asked. I am not a lawyer, the HDP should be legally tried by independent free courts. This must be decided by law. If politics decides, it will be a sign of tutoring the judiciary. The HDPE, which carries out political activities under Turkey’s constitution, has taken the game to a political party representing 6 million people in parliament. The HDP is electorally assisted from the budget. We see it as a political party that carries out its political activities by fulfilling its constitutional obligations.


We call the President of the Republic, coming from the National Vision tradition, within the National Vision. First, the AK party government must not be an enemy in Turkish political parties. You should listen to all political parties. When criticism relates to the course of the state, it should not be understood as horror and betrayal. A basis should be built for a compromise that will ensure social peace. Second, in a country where social peace is being built, the judiciary must be free to make decisions. The judiciary should not decide according to a sentence that comes out between someone’s lips. In an environment where justice is not guaranteed, we cannot talk about strengthening human rights and the economy. It should end the loss and glare. It must ensure fairness in the distribution of income. The economy does not understand that some circles are winning and the country is impoverished, but policies based on production and ensuring fairness in the distribution of income must be followed. neither a country that could become a satellite of one of Turkey’s foreign policies in foreign policy with its personality, nor a day of unity with interests in the long run would mean that Turkey’s interests would be median.

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