Why the Beresheet spacecraft failed


The first official Beresheet statement is that SpaceIL has been working on it for a long time, but due to technical problems it has fallen to the surface of the Moon.

The Beresheet spacecraft, which had been working for Israel for eight years and managed to fly into the orbit last month, arranged for landing on the 11th of April. As you know, this experiment failed and the wreckage of the Beresheet spacecraft fell to the surface of the moon.


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Soon after the fall, SpaceIL came to the official statement. Asked on the official Twitter account, SpaceIL replied that the first technical problem was noticed when it was 14 kilometers up and was disconnected when it was 150 meters from the surface. When the Beresheet signal was disconnected, its speed is 500 km / h.


Israel failed: Space ship Beresheet Shattered to Shot Shatter

SpaceIL said that the real downfall was the failure of the individual component to slow down. You can use the above newsletters to view the statement made by Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu.


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