"Uncertain period awaits us"


old Galatasaray Club manager target twina dispute led by Mustafa Cengiz, led by a board of directors, led to the conduct of indifference and the club expects an uncertain period, he said.

The Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center in the yellow-red club Anadolu Auditorium's Meeting Room, held at the annual regular meeting of the Presidential Assembly, headed by Mustafa Cengiz, was financially exonerated and the administrative decision was not omitted from the decision.

AA correspondent on the subject in the description of Meta İkiz, said: t

"It was a tough General Assembly, and to date, the members have stated that Mr President has some difficulties in representing the Galatasaray club, especially in the administrative sense. This process has continued so long." Di We have to look at what will happen.

Mustafa Cengiz said he could not read the process of reading good comments to twins: "When I talked about financial issues in my speech, I tried to draw the attention of the president. The General Assembly gave her the meaning. There were signs before." expressions.

President of the Governing Board Mustafa Cengiz said that he expects the law to file a claim for a remedy, rights, this is a process, but there is also an organizational clause. "Follow the lawsuit." "We will wait and see. It's a very difficult but uncertain period to comment on the Galatasaray Club." the opinion is given in the form.

Mete İkiz said that he thought the electoral process would not affect the first match in the Spor Toto Super League, but that we had an experienced mentor and we have a team that has experienced such processes with him. We believe that our teachers and leftists will prevent this and that the events in the General Assembly of Galatasaray will not be reflected in the green field. Fatih Terim is very experienced in this matter. he said.

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