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Turkey's leading Bitcoin (BTC) exchange announces a new website – Big Bitcoin and the currency crypt trading platform of Turkey btcturk to professional investors to appeal to the new website btcturk | The beta version of PRO was released. In the new platform, detailed alert options allow instant data tracking. In addition, various reporting tools will be added to the platform.

A new website for experts from BtcTurk

Soon BtcTurk | While the number of crypto money added to the platform increases with PRO, the number of trading pairs may increase. Turkey's 81 provinces of 600,000 users with btcturk continue to offer diverse products and services to meet the needs of their users.

According to this approach, BtcTurk, BtcTurk for professional Bitcoin investors and crypto money | He developed PRO. BtcTurk | PRO includes detailed information screens, tools, reports, and new security applications for users. This new product enables advanced users to make quicker and more professional investment decisions.

BtcTurk | What is the difference between PRO from other platforms?

BtcTurk | PRO stands out with the following features:

  • Using Public Indicators and Drawing Tools offered by Tradingview in price graphs.
  • Access reports that contain a large number of indicators at the desired intervals.
  • Price graphs and table depths of crypto coins traded on the same page.
  • Instant access to real-time data and historical API data.
  • OAuth2 connectivity and third-party applications (eg Matrix Trader).

BtcTurk | PRO has been developed for all professional traders who want to track current market data while directing their investments that want to track current market data, watch price graphs and technical indicators in the transaction with cryptoworks, look for detailed analysis and reports while making decisions and do not want to miss the development. BtcTurk | PRO can be obtained at

btcturk on Turkey's leading stock exchanges Bitcoin

Established in 2013, Turkey is the largest trading crypto-currency platform btcturk, a virtual market that still operates in accordance with legal standards and with a focus on the global level and Bitcoin Blockcha is with Blockcha and produces technologies based on the crypto currency and acts as a coolland company in Turkey. Currently, BtcTurk has 600,000 users. geli┼č will be informed of the development at the last minute Twitterob follows, Facebook as our site and telegram Join our channel!

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